AquaPoolCo Pure, Reverse Osmosis for Swimming Pools 

Never Drain Your Pool Again! 

Did you know you can fix certain issues with your pool yourself? Check out some common pool problems but make sure you're on good terms with your pool guy before you try the DIY solutions. 

Problem: There's no suction when vacuuming.

Solution: Make sure all the skimmers are turned off and the ball valves are closed including the one to the main drain. Check the circulation pump basket and clean it if necessary. 

Problem: The pool filter pressure too high, and/or the water pressure is weak at the return jet.

Solution: Your filter needs to be cleaned. If you've recently backwashed, try backwashing for 2-3 minutes longer.  Remember, sand also needs to be replaced every 3–5 years.

Problem: The pool filter pressure low or at zero, and/or there's bubbles coming out of the return jet.

Solution: Make sure the water level in the pool is at mid-skimmer and the skimmer itself is full of water. Make sure pump basket is full of water, and water is circulating through the system. If you can see water churning in pump basket, there is air getting into the system. Check the pump lid and o-ring for cracks and make sure the pump lid is tight. 

Problem: The pool pump is making loud surging or gurgling noises.

Solution: The water level in your pool is probably low. Try adding water until it hits mid-skimmer level. If your pump is still making noises, ask your kids to get out of the pool and see if that helps. 

Problem: The filter valve is leaking out the backwash line.

Solution: Check the handle on the valve to make sure it's firmly in position. If it is, a gasket may be bad in the valve itself. We recommend calling your pool guy to help you change the gasket or just invite him over for a beer and he'll change the gasket for you. 
A few other helpful tips for your pool and life in general. 

- Never turn your pool lights on when the pool is drained. Only turn on the lights when they're submerged under water.  Everything looks better under water, right? 

- Never add chemicals to your pool while family or friends are in the water. If there are strangers in your pool, call the police immediately. 
- Absolutely do NOT mix chemicals either in the water or anywhere else. Never add water to dry chemicals, even when pre-mixing products. Pool chemicals are dangerous. Put them down. Really, put them down!

- Always be nice to your pool guy. He works really, really hard. And bake him cookies too. Ok, we're kidding about that last one, just wanted to see if you read the whole page. But seriously, who doesn't like cookies?